Pride 2019

Role: Design

The goal of this page was to help Alaska guests learn more about all things pride at Alaska Airlines. It needed to highlight three main things; Alaska’s participation in pride events across the country, a flight discount for travel to pride events, and a pride film festival that is available inflight. 


With available patterns in mind, I created a few wireframes for possible layouts to explore hierarchy and different ways to engage the guests. These two were final options. Photos and copy introduce Alaska’s commitment to the celebration of Pride, followed by the list of festivals that Alaska employees will be participating in. Next, the flight deals are called out with a clear cta taking guests to the booking path, and finally a section featuring the Pride film festival movies that will be available on inflight entertainment.


I created a set of icons for the list festivals that Alaska sponsors. The icons are used to help quickly identify the different locations and add a bit more color and fun.


This is the homepage showing the inflight entertainment merchandising with a highlight to the Pride film festival.