Kelsey Hughes is a visual designer with experience designing for some of the northwest's most loved brands including Alaska Airlines, Sur La Table and Pendleton Woolen Mills.


How I spend my weekends

Tend to my garden plot in a P-Patch on top of a parking garage.

In the fall and winter, I knit socks and hats and I’m hoping someday I will finish a sweater.

Walking up, down and around the hills of Seattle. Including a yearly tradition of walking the full length of Madison St., the only street in Seattle that reaches, uninterrupted, all the way from the Puget Sound to Lake Washington!

Casual bike rides around the city, and the occasional bikepacking overnight.

Participating in international spoon carving exchanges.

Reading novels. Some of my recent favorites have been The Island of Sea Women, My Sister the Serial Killer, Freedom, and Americanah.

Sleeping 😴